Bright accessories: how to add a pop of colour to your daily outfit

Bright bags have never been so trendy.

Neutral bags like black and beige are often favourite and safest choice for many women, but it’s really hard to resist chic colourful bags during the spring and summer season. Bright coloured bag trend is becoming more popular with every sunny day!

It seems that the sun is a good reason to put smiles on our faces, as well as the bright colours in our outfits that have been neglected over the winter.
Photo credit: The street muse

 Why do we love them so much? If you want to spice up your outfit or add a pop of colour bright bags are a perfect choice. You don’t have to be a fashion expert, not even try too much over your look because these bags simply do all that for you. The colour palette is wide, choices are even bigger so you shouldn’t have problems finding the right colour that fits your style and fashion taste.

Color palette bright bags by
Photo credit: FTG

Outfits with a focus on bright-coloured bags exquisitely fit in neutral colours such as white, black and nude which is also the safest choice if you are not willing to take a risk. However, they make a perfect match with geometric prints and other strong colours. 

It is important to choose the right shades for colour matching which contributes to a harmonious and stylish look no matter which style you prefer.
Photo credit: The street muse


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