Beauty pillowcase: is this the easiest way to get healthy skin and hair while sleeping?

Beauty sleep is a real thing and this is why your skin and hair will thank you.

There’s been so much talk about pillowcases as part of a beauty routine, but you never took it seriously? No wonder, it’s not a first thing the industry has gone crazy about. But what if we tell you it works?

What’s so special about a pillowcase?

Sleeping on a smooth pillowcase helps minimize wrinklesfine lines and creases allowing the skin to glide along with the pillow. Soft fabric maintains skin’s natural moisture levels overnight keeping your precious skincare products where they belong – on your skin. Unlike the cotton that can absorb the moisture from the facehair and scalp.

Soft material helps to smoothen the skin and hair.

Same goes with hair, as a soft pillowcase helps prevent hair from being twisted and damaged. It reduces friction and moisture loss, preventing hair from becoming dry and brittle. 

Beauty sleep is a real thing: the right pillowcase can actually help.

Is silk really the best?

Until recently, silk pillowcases have been leaders in this kind of products, but it’s no secret that mass-produced silk is far from eco-friendly or veganIt’s made of cocooned silkworms which are killed in boiling water to extract the cocoons prematurely to produce silk thread. Not so glamorous, isn’t it? 

On a positive note, there’s non-violent silk called Ahimsa also known as peace silk. It’s made in a natural process of a silkworm spinning a cocoon around itself producing the fibre until they are ready to leave. Once it does, the cocoon is processed to create silk without harming the moth. Unfortunately, due to the lengthy and more ethical process, it is almost twice expensive and still makes a small part of the silk industry. 

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Hair Lust Pure Bamboo Pillowcase

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How to find the right one?

So what are your other alternatives? Satin, which is a synthetic material so not really the most natural choice, but definitely budget-friendly one and it does the trick.

There’s another fabric that has become more globally available in the last few years as a sustainable and natural alternative – bamboo. It’s durable, yet breathable like cotton and smooth like silk. Bamboo is very gentle on the skin, even the sensitive one and naturally hypoallergenic.

Plus, it’s cruelty-free and vegan friendly. Best of both worlds comes with a price tag though, but well worth the beauty investment in the long run.