Ballin’ on a budget: how to get the ultimate seasonal looks for less

Want to be eco and budget-friendly when shopping for clothes? These are the foolproof tips to get the look for less.

The fact of the matter is, it’s hard to step out of the house everyday with the perfect look from head to toe. While most of us have our signature go-to outfits that make us feel like a million bucks, maintaining a personal style can be an expensive hobby.

If you’re looking to better establish your own style for less, consider the tips below on how you can ball out, all within your own budget.

Get those rewords

Almost every retailer today offers a rewards system or some sort of shoppers card. While it might feel tedious to take the time to sign up for a store’s program, it’s never a bad choice to do so at the places you shop most. From extra coupons to first notice of upcoming sales, most store memberships are free and are a great source of information on ways you can save. Do yourself a favor and start earning points at your favorite retailers sooner than later, you’d be surprised at how quickly your rewards can add up.

Rent or borrow

Nothing to wear for that upcoming special occasion? Try your hand at renting or even borrowing a show stopping look as opposed to buying it. Chances are you’ll only be wearing the outfit once, so don’t waste your money on a one time look! Plus, it’s not environmentally friendly either.

Consider sites that allow you to rent designer clothing such as Rent the Runway or Charlotte’s Closet. Or if you’re looking to find style options for free, hit up your friends and family members who you know will have the perfect formal wear for you to borrow at no cost to you!

Thrift it up

Shopping for used clothes at ridiculous discounts is a great way to save on your style. While buying second-hand for your look might not be your top choice of shopping options, making that perfect jean jacket find or discovering your new favourite purse hidden within the racks is sure to awaken the thrifter in you.

Whether you shop in-store or online with second-hand sites like thredUP, you’re sure to find your favourite name brands if you know where to look. Budget your money in style by refusing to spend more than necessary on even those high-end brands. Find your fashion sense for less and choose used the next time you’re in need of a retail therapy day.

Shop out of season

A more well-known method of saving in the shopping world is to do your shopping out of season. During the summer months, swimsuits tend to be at their most expensive, and this follows with jackets and coats in the winter. This is why it’s crucial to shop out of season to save on new styles.

Try and stick to the one-month rule, meaning you shop for each upcoming season change at least a month in advance. Sticking to this rule will not only keep you in style for the season, but it will also save you a few extra pounds at those end-of-season sales in the long run.


Photo: @ftgmagazine

Looking for even cheaper ways to change up your style for less? Link up with some friends and try your hand at swapping out clothes between each other. Getting a group together to share the items of clothing you no longer wear but are still in good shape is a great way to clean out closet space and put together new outfits! Make a girl’s night of the event with fun drinks and appetizers to share as you swap out your old clothing.

Wait it out

Lastly, a foolproof way of getting your look for less is simply being able to wait out the sales. Chances are most of the items you like today aren’t on sale but will be on the clearance rack at some point.

Waiting for the markdowns might test your patience, but will be well worth it when you’re able to get that dress you’ve had your eye on for months at half the price. Take the time to wait things out and capitalise on your favourite items when they’re listed at their lowest cost.

Editor’s note: Feature image via Charles Deluvio/Unsplash.