Autumn transitional weather: 3 fail-safe outfits you need to try
September 12, 2018 BY Antonia Piha


Although we are a bit sad to leave behind those hot sunny days and steamy nights, we are looking forward to the new upcoming season. There’s something special about autumn when it comes to fashion, but a transitional weather between those two periods can be tricky too.

That’s why we found 3 fail-safe street style looks that have all your style problems sorted. From modern officewear to stylish night in the town looks, this is a perfect time to get all the essentials out of the wardrobe and play a dress up. We have three key items: denim, sweater and a suit.


Denim + airy blouse

Photo credit: Flaunter


What much it there to say about denim? Its versatility and the power to transform the simplest look from a casual to sophisticated is just amazing, so make sure to have at least a few denim pieces to start off the new season.


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Statement suit

Photo credit: Simply Esme


Okay, if there’s a piece you should definitely invest in, that must be a chic feminine suit. A suit has proved so many times how easy it has stood the test of time (and trends), which makes it the most desirable wardrobe staple that works perfectly from day-to-night.


Sweater + midi skirt

Photo credit: Flaunter


Update your new season wardrobe with one simple trick – midi skirt. Not only it looks classy and polished, but it’s also a prime example of a piece that really works well for the transitional weather; pair it with a cosy sweater for chilly nights.



*Cover photo credits: Flaunter


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