Arm candy: why do you need it?

How to wear all those details on your hands.

We are sure you’ve noticed how most of the famous bloggers but also celebrities wear jewellery in a certain way.

Stacking bunch of rings and bracelets on each other has become a huge hit which many have embraced. And why should you? 

Viva luxury
Photo credit: Viva luxury

Stand out in a different way 

It is no longer necessary to have a statement bag or good shoes to be noticed in the crowd. Why not invest in a nice gold or silver rings that you can wear all together, or, when you get bored, each separately. 

Photo credit: Song of style

Minimal effort = maxi effect 

While you are spending hours on planning the perfect outfit, especially the one for special occasions, plus paying attention to every detail, arm candy is something which requires a minimal effort. Precisely because it looks best when everything isn’t planned, you will get the maximum effect.

Angelica Blick
Photo credit: Angelica Blick


Isn’t the arm candy just perfect for making a small ‘art gallery’ of your jewellery – on your own hands! The charm of stacking rings and bracelets is that each piece can be personal, something you love or what represents yourself, not just a piece of jewellery that is fashionable and trendy.

Photo credit: Fashion Hippie Loves
Photo credit: Fashion Hippie Loves


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