An oversized blazer is this season’s key piece and this how stylish women are wearing it

Investment-worthy essential worn in a fresh way.

Looking for updating your seasonal wardrobe? This autumn, you might want to add an oversized blazer to your shopping basket because you are looking at the seasonal staple that will pretty much mark the season. 

Loved for its structured shape, an understatement elegance and subtle drama, it’s a classic worth having in your collection, especially if you keep it neutral.

Oversized blazer might be simple, but it’s definitely not short on style. 

Plus, a right piece – not too trendy, not too over-the-top will last for seasons to come when properly cared for. Sounds like a pretty good investment-worthy essential to us.

How to wear an oversized blazer?

The versatility, wearability and comfort of an oversized blazer are what draws us so much to this staple.

Dress-down or dress-up, it can be worn from anything like blue jeans (think casual) and tailored trousers (think business-appropriate) to the mini-skirts (think a night out) or layered over a maxi dress (think stylish weekend brunch). 

The fact that an oversized blazer always looks expensive and never fails to keep you from looking head-to-toe put together (even paired with such a versatile selection!) proves it deserves wear on repeat. 

It doesn’t get much better than that if you ask us. No wonder this soon-to-be-favourite piece is everywhere already.


Editor’s note: Feature image via Ihor Rapita/ @rapita_photographer.