All the ways to support your local (fashion) boutiques

In these difficult times, small businesses are the ones that suffer the most. Here’s what you can do and how to shop local.

For those of you that have a local clothing business store, this is the best time to try and help support them. If a local business sells clothes that you love, show them some love during this quarantine and try to help support their business. Many small businesses are struggling greatly and might not be able to last through this economic downturn.

Even normally, your local-based retailer might have to compete against larger chain retailers in their neighbourhood, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have cool fashions at reasonable prices. In fact, you sometimes can find a better deal at locally owned stores.

Listed below are 8 ways to support your local boutiques.

When you can’t shop in a store, buy a gift card

Perhaps you have nothing you really want to or can’t buy right now but still want to be able to support your local stores.

Consider buying gift cards to use later.

They also make great gifts for others and a great way to advertise a clothing boutique to your friends and family. Buying gift cards to your favourite local stores will help to support them and since you know you will use it, a great buy for you as well.

Support their online business

With the current global and economic situation you could be saving your local businesses by using them instead of big retailer names. Even though you might not be able to shop in person consider shopping online directly from their website.

When you go through third-party retailers like Amazon it isn’t as helpful to their brand, but buying from their online store will help their profits immensely and can even save your favourite boutique from going out of business.

Go local instead of big retailer names.

Find unique gifts no one else will buy

When you get ready to start your holiday shopping or birthday shopping you should first start local. Local shops usually have access to more designer goods that are ahead of the curve as far as trending. Your purchases will showcase your style IQ.

And you do not have to wait until Black Friday to begin the bargain shopping. You should seek out gifts throughout the year. You might find a remarkable deal in the process.

Buying from local companies and boutiques helps to support smaller businesses and gives you the opportunity to help grow a brand that you love.

You also can usually find a great gift when it comes time for birthday celebrations. And even though you might think you don’t have a budget for a gift from a local boutique, there is usually a gift that is suitable for most budgets. Don’t forget those clearance sections.

how to shop locally, support your local fashion stores

Look for special gifts throughout the year, you never know what you’ll find.

Another benefit to local, smaller retailers is you can plan ahead easier for celebrations like birthdays. If you think far enough in advance, you might be able to get the shop owner to order exactly what you want.

Something for work colleagues ….

For workplace gift-giving, you can support local boutiques by purchasing gifts for your employees or your colleagues. You can find a more subtle fashion item that still makes a big fashion statement.

You might feel uncomfortable giving your secretary a blouse, but you might feel okay about giving them fashion accessories. You could consider tribal print wallets or some other type of useful accessory.

And special occasions

Anniversaries are those occasions where you really want to do something special for someone. For any of you men out there, you should know local boutiques should be your first stop. If you want to give a lady in your life a valuable fashion gift they will love, you should consult your local boutique.

The shop owner can usually find exactly what you need even if you don’t see it.

Even if the store carries all or most items for women, the shop owner can usually find items you might want for your man. Your local clothing boutiques not only have a pulse on fashion trends. You can also turn to them for one-off needs.

Give them non-buying support

You don’t just need to spend money at your local clothing boutique. You need to also spread recommendations and reviews. Sure, you will be able to find some great deals and support the shop with your purchases, but you also can support them by being a fashionable advocate encouraging others to shop there, or even volunteer. 

support small businesses by giving them reviews

A positive review can go a long way for small businesses.

Do you how expensive it is for small, locally owned businesses to advertise? Not only that, but your local business also has to compete against other stores with far more financial resources than your independently owned retailers. When you can, you should try to shop local and spend locally. And you should encourage others to do so, too.

No matter your need, you should be covered

Sometimes there is this misperception that small, independent clothing boutiques are these exclusive enclaves of snobby, rude, rich people. But you should know that they are not. Once you go through the doors, you are typically greeted with exceptional customer service, online and offline.

Editor’s note: Feature image via Freepik/FTG.