All eyes on: Furla Candy Bon Bon

Fun, practical and charming mini bag.

Fancy and feminine are the right words to describe Furla new Candy Bag. Or maybe adorable, colourful and unique? Whatever you choose, this PVC cross-body bag deserves to be in the spotlight.

Italian fashion brand Furla has become a must-have among the younger part of the population by launching a new, completely different handbag on the market. It débuts in 2011 and was called Candy Bag because it’s “sweet as candy”. It is made of innovative materials, mostly transparent PVC which was paired with different prints, colours, leathers and other materials. The bag is made in Italy just like other Furla leather handbags.
Photo credit: FTG

The Bon Bon bag is made of irresistibly colourful PVC. It has a flat handle and crossbody straps and a logo-embossed lock at the front. You can choose from several colours: pink, Ocean blue, Nettare yellow, multicolour, Magnolia, silver and pastel green called Aqua Gellata. 

Bon Bon bag is easy-to-carry and has enough amount of space for your necessities keys, wallet, cell phone and a few beauty things. Realistically, you really don’t need more things, right?
Photo credit: Beauty walks

There are also several embellished beaded models. These bags are made of glittery PVC with decorative jewel accent at front and are a bit expensive than a regular Bon Bon model. 

Mini bags like this one can really add a pop of colour to your outfit, don’t you think?

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