Actually chic: top 8 super cute Christmas sweaters you will love

You will love these ones.
Christmas sweater style at
Photo credit: What Olivia did

Yes, the Holiday season is in a full swing. While some don’t really bother much, Christmas enthusiasts, on the other hand, are already spreading the infectious vibe. We are totally on their side! How can you simply resist all those flashy lights, the scent of pine & cookies and bright colours in the red-green-gold-silver palette? With all this come the unavoidable Christmas sweaters, popularly known as ‘The ugly sweaters’. Well, we will prove you they don’t have to be so unappealing, but rather very chic. Yes, it’s possible.

Like any other, high street brands have embraced the Holiday season as fun sweaters, dresses, skirts and even accessories. Their contrary, high-end brands, except for a few, are not crazy about flashy Christmas sweaters, but their luxurious and refined interpretations.

Christmas sweaters that are actually chic at
Photo credit: FTG

The fancy version of “the ugly sweater” is more about cute sayings, chic glitter, beadings, snowflakes, pine trees and similar thematic elements into something softer and tone down the colours. They aren’t so showy and conspicuous, yet can be worn and combined into everyday style. We are in!


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