According to Instagram, white trainers are the only footwear you’ll need for transitional weather

From casual office-wear to a social gathering, white trainers simply get your style job done!

White chunky dad’s sneaker, running trainers or classy lace-up and slip-on shoes – they all have one thing in common – being the ultra-desirable footwear everyone is talking about for months. These shoes still aren’t going anywhere, so you better invest in a pair that will last you for years.

White trainers seem to be your ultimate companion for autumn, according to the Insta stars. Simply, you can dress them up or down, making your outfit stylish yet comfy. The neutral colour is what makes them even more functional as it looks wonderful with both prints and bold/muted shades.

Photo: @viktoriahutter

How to wear them?

Pair this trendy footwear with your blue jeans, suit or even a little black dress – versatility is there, you only need to work on your imagination. However, have in mind that different styles suit different occasions, so you probably won’t wear oversized Dad’s trainers with elegant slip dress but you might consider black denim or chunky sweater.

Lace-up white trainers are, on the other hand, a wardrobe staple you can’t go wrong with. Think dark floral dresses, cropped or tailored trousers and statement accessories – an instant wardrobe update is guaranteed.

Still not sure how to style your white trainers for transitional weather? Take a look at these winning combinations…

1. Dress it up with a satin skirt

Photo: @lydiajanetomlinson

2. Dad’s trainers can look polished too

Photo: @m_scenery

3. Make your office wear casual 

Photo: @missmondo

4. Dress-with-sneakers outfit as a classic all-day attire

Photo: @thelaurablair

5. Go with oversize staples to make the shoe pop

Photo: @aylin_koenig

6. White trainers as a neutral base for bold colours

Photo: @shortstoriesandskirts

7. White and beige tones make a super chic autumnal outfit

Photo: @thatsotee



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