A classy touch: silk scarf

Ready for spring with this beauty.
A classy touch silk scarf by FTG: http://www.fashiontogo-ftg.com/a-classy-touch-silk-scarf/
Photo credit: Olivia Palermo, Vanessa Jackman, Claudia Fessler + FTG

Slowly, but happily, we are ready to leave behind our warm woollen shawls and move on to their sophisticated and elegant version – silk scarves. We are pleased that silk scarves can’t really be called a trend, but more like a classic. The ladies all over the world wear them for years in so many ways making this chic piece a real must-have.

Each season there are some new and polish interpretations presented in stores. Considering that silk scarf is more of a ‘spring’ garment, fashion brands are usually having in mind florals such as these from H&M, Forever21 and Gucci, vibrant geometric patterns, stripes like this from Kate Spade New York or some art prints.

There are so many creative ideas to wear silk scarf – we love how you can tie long scarves into a belt, wore them in a bow around the neck or tuck it and tighten with a belt. Chic, right?

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