8 ways to stimulate your hair for quick growth

These tips will help your hair grow faster and stronger.

Most people desire to have long, thick, and shiny hair. However, because of insufficient nourishment, hair growth is hampered. On average, human hair grows up to a length of one inch in a month.

Even though genetic variances can lead to slight differences for each individual, the difference is insignificant. Encouraging fast hair growth requires stimulation and regular nourishment. So, how can you stimulate your hair growth?

Here are steps that can help in the stimulation and nourishment of your hair for fast growth.

Keep your scalp clean

If you are interested in the stimulation of hair for faster growth, you should begin from the source — the scalp. Scalp inflammation conditions such as dermatitis can result in hair thinning. Studies have shown that inflammation due to poor hygiene and oxidative stress are among the leading causes of hair thinning.


The inflammation closes the follicles of your hair, thus hindering growth. When oil and dirt accumulate in your hair follicles’ openings, they gradually choke your hair roots. Therefore, cleaning your scalp enhances blood flow, stimulates hair follicles, and alleviates oxidative stress.

For instance, you can use the dht blocking shampoo to massage and clean your scalp. Ultimately, this improves blood flow and transports the necessary nutrients for faster hair growth.

Regularly trim the edges of your hair

Due to excess dust and sunlight, the edges of your hair often get damaged, and the cells die, thus inducing hair thinning. Therefore, trimming your hair guarantees quick hair growth. Regular trimming helps eliminate the dead cells, allowing your hair follicles to get enough oxygen and grow faster.

Frequent trims will help your hair grow faster. Photo: Cottonbro/Pexels.

Apply an egg mask

Nourishment of your hair is vital for its growth. Eggs are rich in proteins. These nutrients are essential for hair nourishment and the development of new follicles.

You can blend one tablespoon of olive oil with a single egg white and apply the mixture to your hair. Then allow the egg mask to stay for 20 minutes before washing it off. You can repeat this at least once a month, and you will be amazed by the fast growth of your hair.


Get hot oil massages

Getting hot oil massages is a great way to relieve the oxidative stress on your scalp and hair.

You should get the massages at least once a week to guarantee that your hair stays healthy.

You can use olive, lavender, or coconut oil as they give your hair a lustrous look and help it to grow fast.

Avoid daily use of hot tools for hair styling

When trying to stimulate your hair to grow fast, you can’t afford to use hot tools every day. Heat breaks down the hydrogen bonds to restructure your hair.

According to a study by Annals of Dermatology, overusing heat tools damages your hair, reducing moisture, thus leading to hair breakage. In the end, breakage impedes fast hair growth. Therefore, it’s prudent to avoid using hot hair styling tools.

Heat tools can damage hair when using frequently. Video: Polina Tankilevitch Pexels

Use collagen and biotin supplements

Biotin and collagen encourage hair growth by supplying your body with the necessary nutrients. Biotin and collagen provide most of the amino acids required by the hair for fast growth. Therefore, the use of collagen and biotin supplements helps prevent hair thinning and stimulates rapid hair growth.


Keep your hair moisturised

Human hair is naturally dry, and stimulating it to grow fast requires it to stay moisturised. Experts indicate that dry hair is fragile, breaks easily, and leaves the hair cuticles open.

Open cuticles let the nutrients and moisture in your hair to escape quickly. However, moisturised hair helps to close the cuticles, thus trapping water and nutrients inside your hair. Therefore, keeping your hair moisturised helps conserve water and nutrients needed for fast hair growth.

Consume omega-3 fatty acids

Studies have proven that omega-3 contains anti-inflammatory features. The fatty acids can hinder the inflammation of your hair follicles. Markedly, this strengthens your hair and boosts its growth. Besides, the omega-3 nourishes body cells and keeps your scalp healthy, thus stimulating fast hair growth.

Stimulating your hair growth can be a challenging task if you lack the necessary tips. You can use various approaches to boost your hair growth.

For instance, you should clean your scalp, trim your hair regularly, apply egg masks, get hot oil massages, and keep your hair moisturized. Besides, you can use collagen and biotin supplements, avoid daily use of hot hair-styling tools, and take omega-3 fatty acids. In the end, your hair will be thick, healthy, and lustrous.


Editor’s note: Feature image via Adam Winger/Unsplash.