6 celebrity trends that are happening in summer 2020

All the lifestyle trends celebs are talking about this year.

Okay, so the summer of 2020 isn’t as easy-breezy as we had hoped, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun, do cool things and make this a hot, scorchin’ season to remember.

Many of us like popping on to social media to see how our favourite stars are defining their own moments during the global pandemic. Famous people are in the know when things are gaining steam.

Here are some of the latest celebrity trends to watch.

The podcast explosion

Take a listen. Podcasts are soaring in popularity, and celebrities are on the bandwagon. Fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg now has her own and begins her show each time with a female guest asking, “What does it take to be a woman in charge?”

Comic couple Megan Mullally (Will and Grace) and Nick Offerman (Parks and Rec) enjoy recording their podcast from the bed, and sometimes, the hilarious couple will invite celebrity friends in for a candid conversation.

Celebs aren’t the only podcasters. Non-famous folks can launch their own podcast for their business, brand, or as a personal hobby.

Disposable camera redux

It’s fun to go back in time and actually use a retro camera like the nifty disposable. You can even recycle the single-use camera after you’re done. Both Kodak and Fujifilm have established their own programs for doing so.

Model Gigi Hadid is into the trend and takes her disposable camera everywhere to capture her friends and loved ones on European adventures, at fashions shows, etc.

Gigi even boasts an extra Instagram page dedicated to photos she’s taken on a disposable (@gisposable).

Whether we admit it or not, we all love learning what our favourite stars are doing and how they entertain themselves. Celebrity blogs always deliver the best scoops.

Plant-based foodies

Lots of us are trying to erase the “COVID-19” weight gain so to speak, and these days, the plant-based choices are incredibly delicious, healthier, and going mainstream.

If you haven’t tried the Impossible Whopper yet, well, what are you waiting for?

YouTube celebrities like makeup mogul Carli Bybel did an entire beauty show as she wolfed down two of these huge, so yummy, plant-based burgers.

Actor Orlando Bloom is obsessed with the plant-based burger and vegan lifestyle.

Live-streaming workouts

With most of us having been through self-quarantine or the home-based lockdown, trying to get in some physical exercise can lift the spirit and help keep us in shape. That’s why live-streaming workouts remain a hot trend for celebs trying to sweat it out and tone up even if it’s done in your living room, bedroom, or anywhere else you have the space to get down.

It’s convenient, too, because today’s technology lets you tune in to directly on your iPad, smartphone, laptop, or smart TV in real-time.

TV host Kelly Ripa, model Naomi Campbell, and actress Busy Philipps are just a few famous faces doing live-streaming workouts.

Casual clothing comfort

Both women and men have been enjoying unstructured clothing options during the pandemic lockdown, and that includes your well-known stars. Folks haven’t had to dress up in a suit with a shirt and tie or a dress and heels to create an office-ready or red carpet image.

Many have been on tighter budgets and not blowing big money, so the latest runway luxury style is on the backburner.

Designers like Donatella Versace and Rick Owens are suggesting that they’re looking forward to slowing down and creating seasonless clothes.

The skincare obsession

Both the celebrity and non-celebrity has had to learn how to do personal care during these uncertain times, and the interest remains strong even as hair and skincare salons reopen to resume routine grooming.

People are taking better care of themselves from head-to-toe, and skincare in personalised beauty is a major trend.

Aspects such as age, race, gender, and ethnicity are the 2020 leaders of innovation and consumer engagement.

We all desire products tailored to our lifestyle and personality and beautiful skin matters.

The summer of 2020 is shaping up to be like no other time the world has experienced. We’re all in this together and finding unique ways to press on. Celebrities are helping set the trends.


Editor’s note: Feature image via @camila_cabello Instagram