12 super stylish vegan designer bags you need to invest in

Your hunt for a new eco-friendly bag is over with these luxurious vegan handbags.

The demand for cruelty-free leather and renewable innovate materials is getting higher and higher in recent years when it comes to accessories. Since it’s equally nice looking and durable as animal leather, but made with much lower impact on the environment, people or animals, it seems like the right choice for many women.

Vegan handbags made of lab-grown synthetic leather in sweatshop-free conditions with safer chemicals are no longer an option for animal lovers but everyone who enjoys ethical and conscious fashion too. These brands are taking their commitment to the next level, and so should we.

Angela Roi

top stylish vegan bags - angela roi
Photo: Angela Roi

WHY WE LOVE IT? This ethical New York brand was founded in 2013 with the idea to create luxury and high-quality animal-friendly handbags. Each bag is handcrafted using EPUL, a leather alternative, by skilled artisans in Korea. All of the pieces are very classic which makes a great investment.

PRICE: from £130 for a handbag (smaller accessories less)

Marhen J.

top designer vegan bags - Marhen J
Photo: Marhen J

WHY WE LOVE IT? Korean brand Marhen J. uses a variety of materials to replace animal leather to create quality minimalistic accessories. The brand was founded in 2015 by Hyun Hee Kim and quickly gained the attention of a fashion crowd with their unisex multifunctional Roy, Rico and Ricky bags made of canva. 

PRICE: from £60 up to £240

Sans Beast

Photo: @bujaandmea

WHY WE LOVE IT? Proudly cruelty-free and made from ethically sourced fabrics, Sans Beast is an Australian vegan brand with a wide range of designs and colours to choose from. Super fun and affordable luxury right there. 

PRICE: from £100 (excluding smaller goods)


top vegan designer bags - mashu
Photo: Mashu

WHY WE LOVE IT? Created by Ioanna Topouzoglou, Mashu is PETA approved vegan accessories label specialising in handbags. All the bags are designed in London and handcrafted in Greece using sustainable materials such as recycled polyester and plastic, wood and Pinatex, a leather alternative made of pineapple leaves. 

PRICE: from £200 up to £380

Expressions NYC

top vegan designer bags - expressions nyc
Photo: Expressions NYC

WHY WE LOVE IT? This modern brand is all about proving ethical and sustainable accessories without sacrificing animals or the environment. Not only Expressions NYC is fashionable, but conscious too, as 5% of their vegan leather website purchases goes to Save the Children charity. 

PRICE: from £60 (excluding smaller accessories)


top vegan designer bags - hozen
Photo: Hozen

WHY WE LOVE IT? Hozen makes sustainable vegan bags made in small batches in a fair-wage factory in Los Angeles with innovative and recycled materials. It’s worth mentioning that brand donates 10% of their profits to the Mercy for animals charity. 

PRICE: from £140 (most bags are priced around £220)

JW Pei

top vegan designer bags - jw pei
Photo: JW Pei

WHY WE LOVE IT? Another accessories brand going down the ethical and sustainable path is JW Pei. Launched in 2016, this young label is committed to creating cruelty-free goods using ultra-microfiber, a high-tech vegan material which perfectly mimics leather’ texture and durability. The brand also has an affordable collection Friday by JW Pei that releases new designer every Friday. 

PRICE: from £100

Melie Bianco

top stylish vegan bags - melie bianco
Photo: Melie Bianco

WHY WE LOVE IT? PETA approved vegan, Melie Bianco is a sweatshop-free affordable animal-friendly brand. Their bags are very popular in the cruelty-free community, not just because of their reasonable prices but the craftsmanship and modern design too.

PRICE: from £40


Top vegan designer bags - shrimps
Photo: Shrimps

WHY WE LOVE IT? Founded by Hannah Weiland in 2013, Shrimps is a quirky fashion label that took the spotlight with their fun faux furs. A few seasons ago brand launched the Antonia bag and since then, their faux pearl bags are a fashionable and animal-free option for anyone looking for stylish bags.

PRICE: from £350 up to £525

Pierre Henry Bor Paris

WHY WE LOVE IT? French vegan brand Pierre Henry Bor was launched in 2015 with the ideas to create luxurious fashion with respect towards animals. All of their chic accessories are made of cruelty-free leather in France. 

PRICE: from £130 up to £560

Maria Lamanna

Top vegan designer bags - maria lamanna
Photo: Maria Lamanna

WHY WE LOVE IT? Established in Parma in 2012, the brand Maria Lamanna creates perfect everyday sustainable vegan accessories. Their contemporary bags are made in Italy with responsibly sourced low impact materials in an ethical work environment.
PRICE: from £228

Stella McCartney

top vegan designer bags - stella mccartney
Photo: Stella McCartney

WHY WE LOVE IT? The ultimate vegetarian brand and celebrity favourite that’s been around since 2001, Stella McCartney is very committed to sustainability, which means the brand creates luxury fashion in a way to reduce environmental impacts. Their bags are made of recycled polyester and polyurethane which is equally durable as real leather. 

PRICE: from £260 (smaller items) up to £975

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